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Have you ever thought about what it would look like if we networked by who we are and not by what we do? At #ChooseToSurvive, you will discover the importance of telling your story and how to help others overcome trauma. It's time to raise awareness for abuse and its many faces; whether it be sexual, physical, or verbal abuse, the brain processes trauma the same way. See our Facebook page for the latest info and event on the 21st!



After my time with Laura Spragg on her Podcast sharing my story, the flood gates opened with endless possibilities. Being a very active community organizer, supporter and successful entrepreneur I knew my 20 year desire to do something big for the community was here, something I could very closely identify with. When this idea manifested, I was all in. I love knowing that what I have been through will help others and I also love knowing the potential of this endeavor can reach the masses! It takes a village, we are all in this together!



I have a desire to change the face of the silent darkness in peoples lives and as the host of my Podcast Life in Purple I get the joy to help many! My experience has taught me that conquering your past fears and circumstances can be a challenge, but when a person realizes how to use the gifts and talents that have been given to them instead of suppressing and ignoring them, they become a strong and confident individual. It’s all about what you are telling yourself. What you say is what you become.

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WhatWe Do

We create environments that assist in the steps of healing and growth. We all have struggles. Those struggles, whether it be abuse or not, are anchors on our potential. It is time to embrace that which was used to diminish our value and use it to shine. It is time to share our stories. To reveal the darkness that held us back. To show others they can too. We will use the bad for good.

To inspire us all…no matter our past…good or bad.


Hope grows when we hear the powerful stories of others. It makes us begin to beleive we can too.


Sharing our stories show others vulnerability. Exposing those hurts and triumphs inspire others.


Learning other's stories open our hearts. It removes perceptions and allows us to more easily love others.


Connecting with others will open up ways to learn. It helps us process our own struggles with new information.


When we hear stories of triumph it emboldens us. We begin to see ourselves as overcomers, not victims.


A community of strong people who understand each other is the greatest form of support one could ask for.


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We know that many of you may have a few questions, so we went ahead and answered a few of the most popular. Wasn't that sweet of us? We thought so! If you have additional questions feel free to email us. We love getting mail!

Great question! No, it is not a counseling service. It's more like a community group that desires to help all get their "game on", no matter their past. We know the focus of our subject affects many people and we want to provide an outlet that is both professional and stimulating. This isn't for only those who hurt but also those who know others who are hurting or just want to grow as an individual. Every one of us has a powerful story - let's use them to help each other.

Angela and Laura offer speaking and educational platforms that businesses or groups can utilize; delivering tangible actions steps to grow their personal development. Rates are economical and designed to be palatable for any situation. Please contact us for more details!

We unfortunately hear this a lot. The source of the question stems from many different avenues. Vulnerability is something that many misinterpret as weakness, and that can not be further from the truth. It is actually very reaffirming and personally building. We feel we also must point out that an attitude of "just forget it" rarely works, as the body does not forget, and the issues unresolved only manifest itself somewhere else. There are many great resources on this subject and more are coming out everyday. If you feel people just need to "get over it" we ask that you please allow others to seek support and growth in these formats. Not only is everyone different but we also have different paradigms; what you may think is weakness could be exactly what gives another hope.

Please visit our facebook page for new events.

As far as speaking engagements, Angela and Laura can go nation wide. In regards to events, yes, we will begin to grow outside the panhandle. That will come as the word continues to spread of the hope that is coming. If you feel your area is in need of an event and would like to work with Angela and Laura, please send us an email. We would love to hear from you!

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